Day 0 – Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge. $1000 per month in 100 days?

Hey and welcome to the $1000 per month in 100 days challenge!

My name is Andor, and today I decided to take on the newly relaunched Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge by ClickFunnels and change my financial situation and life.

I started this blog, not to promote the challenge, but to document what I do and learn each and every step on the way. Not only for myself but for YOU yes you, my readers as well.

Of course, I’ll add an affiliate link here and there and invite you to join along, and possible change your financial situation but the promotion part won’t be the main focus. The main focus of these posts will be to highlight my takeaways, thoughts, and things I’ve learned. Kind of like a journal of sorts.

Day 0 - Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge. $1000 per month in 100 days? 1

Whats the Affiliate Bootcamp about

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a FREE 100 days training and interviews featuring top earners that use ClickFunnels and make a living by recommending it to other business owners and entrepreneurs.

The challenge aims to keep you on track and working towards your goal with daily training and a task you must complete in order to progress.

Alongside the 100 days training, there’s also a live training, called One Funnel Away Challenge, that comes with a book, and 30 days of live training with Russel Brundson himself and other top earners from Clickfunnels.

The Book contains the answer of 30 entrepreneurs who made over a $1.000.000 with one of their funnels. The question they answer is What would they do if they’d suddenly lose everything, but internet and their ClickFunnels account.

There’s also a workbook which you’ll have to complete by watching the live training and completing each day’s task that they assign you to do.

The One Funnel Away challenge costs $100 but it’s well worth a whole lot more. Also if you purchase this from within the AffiliateBootcamp Dashboard, you get access to all the interviews from the 100-day challenge for life as well. Otherwise, those will only be available on that specific day they release it. Then it’s gone.

I personally bought the book and signed up for the challenge which starts on June 17th. Sadly I won’t have the book by then, due to shipping taking 2-3 weeks, but I’ll definitely be watching and taking notes.


As a day 0 post, I know this was a bit on the short end, and it didn’t give much information about all that I’ll be doing other than that I took the new Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge and I bought the One Funnel Away Challenge as well.

I promise I’ll do my best to do a better job on the rest of the posts as each day’s challenge goes by.

Join me along this journey!

If you’d like to take on this challenge with me, make sure you register an account here ( It’s TOTALLY FREE, and is an affiliate link 😉 )

That’s all for today. Make sure to check back tomorrow for day 1 and all the knowledge it may bring!

I’m soooo excited about this challenge and where it may take me.

See you inside if you decide to join 😉

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