Day 1 – Affiliate Bootcamp – Russell’s 5 Step Affiliate Plan and 3 Interviews

So day 1 has been done.

It’s pretty interesting so far. A very different from how the old Affiliate Bootcamp was structured.

In day 1, Russell Brunson talks about how he runs his affiliate businesses and other product businesses.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the challenge, you totally should! And it cost you $0!

Besides Russell’s training video, there are’s also 3 interviews, one with Steve J. Larsen talking about the creation of a irresistible offerDave Gambril talking about the secret key to getting your buyers to say month after month and the last one, Rachel Pedersen, who talks about how to use the power of relationships to find the RIGHT customers to help.

Each interview is about an hour, but they definitely worth watching.

Unfortunately, these are only available to watch for 24 hours after you get access to the respective day, but if you decide to buy the One Funnel Away Challenge, you get unlimited access to these interviews, + the challenge itself. I’d say it’s worth well over that $100.

Day 1 - Affiliate Bootcamp - Russell's 5 Step Affiliate Plan and 3 Interviews 1

Russell’s Affiliate Plan

In the training, Russell lists his 5 step affiliate plan that is built by the following items:

  1. Picking a niche
  2. Affiliate Bridge Funnel
  3. Follow up
  4. Golden Sequence
  5. Communication.

Not sure how detailed I can talk about this, as it’s part of the training, but I’ll list my key takeaways. If you want to learn more about these, join the challenge. 😉


Picking a Niche

Picking a niche is quite important because you simply can’t serve everyone. Can you? No.., not even by selling ice-cream.

So pick a market/niche that you think the product that you want to sell can help, and think about how it can help it.


Affiliate Bridge Funnels

So, what is an Affiliate Bridge Funnel?

You probably have seen many of these while browsing the web and clicking on ads and links.

Basically, it’s a two-page funnel, that consists of an opt-in page, and a bridge video page with a button below, that’s an affiliate link.

  • Page 1

The opt-in page contains a title that usually goes along the lines of “FREE video reveals how X can help you achieve Y” or something similar. Sounds familiar, right? Of course, it does.

Below the title, there’s an opt-in form, to capture the customer’s email address, so that you can market to that person in the future.

  • Page 2

The second page has an explainer video on it, that explains the custom how the product you sell can help them with their problem.

Below this, there’s a button that takes the customer to the affiliate page where they can buy or learn more about the product and how it can help them.


Email Follow-up

The 3 step, is to email the customers who just signed up through your opt-in page, who gave you their trust and their email address.

The first email usually is just a reminder that they signed up, and should watch your explainer video.

The 2nd email is pretty much the same, but with some scarcity added to it. Something like “Video expires in 24 hours” or ” I’m gonna take the video down soon” or something along the lines.

You can build a 4-5 email followup or more. That’s totally up to you.


The Golden Sequence

The golden sequence comes after your 4-5 day email followup, where you introduce to your customer a different product, that is in the same niche, and might also help them. Usually, this is where you break even if you ran Ads to get customers to your funnel.



Communication is the last step in his plan. But it’s almost the most important. This is where you keep your list updated, emailing them almost daily, giving them value, and pitching new products that can solve a problem they are facing.

After all, your email list is your most valued asset.

Imagine losing everything, but your list. What can you do?

With a list big enough and in a specific niche, you can just send out a few emails about a product, and I guarantee that at least a few people will buy. Maybe not the same day, but if you repeat the 4-5 day follow-up step, you’re more then likely to make a few sales.

And that’s about it for the first day of the affiliate Bootcamp challenge. I’m really excited for the days to come, and gonna go watch the interviews now! You should too :p

Talk to you tomorrow!

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